Conversion Design Framework by SpartanGomez

A great landing page is one that clearly states it's intentions.
1. First Impression - It begins with a stare, eyes scan the page to create a first impression, usually a bold headline inviting them to get to know more.
2. Interest - This is when the user thinks to think themselves "You got my attention and I'm interested in discovering more."
3. Engagement - We are now asking for them to take action after we made our intentions clear.
4. Trust - Elements of comfort that signals to the user I believe they will do good on their promise, usually social proof.
5. Conversion - This is when the users takes action on your promise because they trust you will deliver.
With these 5 elements of landing page persuasion the conversion design framework begins.

To see the methodology and steps in the conversion design framework scroll below to learn move ⬇️

The Conversion Design Framework


I first seek to understand your company, your product, your customer, and your goals. If you are unclear about any of these, I will work with you to develop an understanding for both of us. This is hands-down the most important step in the process. If I don't understand your business, I'll never be able to help take you where you want to go.


I sometimes need time to do more research on your market and your competition. This can involve a deep dive into your business, product, and buyer persona within the context of your stated goals. We will answer questions such as, what does your customer's journey look like?


White boarding, mock-ups, brain-mapping, etc. Includes culling ideas that don't work within your business model and prioritizing ones that do in order of effectiveness, then putting everything together to develop a strategy uniquely tailored to your business. Here I will analyze your existing assets and start developing a strategy for low hanging fruit in your business for immediate results.


Like a hands-on project manager, I often orchestrate and direct teams with 1:1 and group instruction. For smaller businesses and solopreneurs without in-house teams, I can implement many of the strategies myself or with the help of other freelancers.


You can't grow what you don't measure, that's why as part of design process we'll first identify a metric to track success against and then at the end after implementing the new design we'll help measure the effectiveness and also report on any new ideas and findings

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